Breaking: Evony Sues Blogger Bruce Everiss for Defamation

We just received a shocking message from a friend at Evony, formerly Civony, the online browser world apparently plagued by player criticism and now a major lawsuit. Evony has launched legal proceedings against veteran blogger Bruce Everiss of Bruce on Games after what they claim were failed attempts to get Everiss to remove his criticisms of the game.

From Evony's pending press release:

The developer for the popular online video game Evony has filed suit against blogger Bruce Everiss for posting defamatory and false statements online about the company and the game. The lawsuit follows multiple rebuffed attempts to reconcile the matter out of court.

Evony’s Australia based legal counsel has proceeded on multiple fronts internationally against the libelous assaults that Bruce Everiss has leveled against Evony, LLC (, its game “Evony: Age I”, and its corporate leadership on his weblog and in publications worldwide in recent weeks.

Everiss caught the ire of Evony's higher-ups after several allegations against the game, the most striking of which accuses Evony of violating the U.S. law against internet gambling. Everiss claims that, since "Evony Cents" can be purchased with U.S. Dollars and then used on an "Amulet Wheel" to gain items, this constitutes a violation of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006.

Among other claims made by Everiss against Evony: That its graphics, previous name (Civony), and game title font were blatant copies of Sid Meier's Civilization series. Evony also challenges Everiss's claim that it is a Chinese-based company by stating that it is registered as a United States corporation.

This accusation lacks substance, as much as it may appear sensible on the surface. The items won on Evony's "Amulet Wheel" are non-transferrable to other characters, meaning the items themselves have no cash value. This parallels the rise of Z Dollars designed to circumvent Second Life's much more realistic gambling capabilities.

Nevertheless, this is a bold move by Evony, and Everiss shows no signs of backing down. The press release is featured on his blog, and Everiss has struck a defiant tone in days past as the lawsuit became more and more of a certainty. 

More on this story as it develops.

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  1. Bruce, Bruce, Bruce… you are definitely blind. Extreme egostism can do that to a person.
    I suggest people TRY PLAYING Evony before taking Bruce’s biased opinion as fact. Try it out.

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