Disabled Gamer Sues Sony For Lack of Access to Virtual Worlds

1-thishandoutp Virtual worlds have the potential to improve the lives of the disabled, but not everyone thinks the Metaverse will solve problems of accessibility.

and Policy looks at how one disabled gamer is suing the developer of Everquest
for alleged discrimination under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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5 New Article Categories – Find What You Need Even Faster!

Pixels and Policy is, at heart, a reader-centric project. We aim to serve as a clearinghouse for news and analysis related to how the virtual world interacts with our real world.

In order to make it easier for our readers to find the articles and information they're looking for, we've added several new tags to refine how we sort articles.

  • Augmented Reality – We've covered so many innovations in augmented reality and the ways it might change how we do business that it's time the field had its own category. From now on, your one-stop resources for augmented reality issues is self-explanatory.
  • Military – We want to look more at the military applications of virtual worlds, and that's too specific for a general "Government" tag. This allows us to look more in-depth without blending our categories.
  • Social Media – Games produced by social entertainment developers like Zynga (of Mafia Wars and FarmVille fame) are increasingly important to the discussion of virtual worlds. We're focusing our interests by giving social gaming its own category.
  • Virtual Activism – Pixels and Policy got its start chronicling the role of virtual activism in the Iranian election debacle. With recent pieces on the role of religion and gender debate in the virtual world, it's time virtual activism took center stage.
  • Virtual Currency – We already cover the different ways businesses interact with the virtual world, but our research on virtual economies and in-game currency is also important. To avoid confusion, we're dividing the two.

We're always looking for feedback. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave a comment or shoot an e-mail to Editor@PixelsandPolicy.com.

Why Are Virtual Currencies Deflating Across the Board?

Virtual-currency-exchange With both "free to play" and subscription virtual worlds expanding their memberships year-over-year, many analysts have found a productive hobby analyzing the fluctuations of various major Metaverse currencies.

Pixels and Policy takes a look at some work published by University of Manchester researcher Richard Heeks that purports to show a persistent devaluation of virtual currencies relative to the U.S. Dollar.

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