Does Augmented Reality Have Broad Market Potential?

Every once in a while I get a
really interesting letter about the potential "game changing" business
applications of the super-hyped augmented reality "industry." I'm deeply
skeptical about AR's ability to change anything until comprehensive
standards are developed to define exactly what constitutes an "AR
product," but the article I received deserves closer review.

interesting article
comes straight from the tech blog Vision
Mobile. In the article, Andreas Constantinou, one of a new crop of
reporters looking at augmented reality, discusses the unique economies
created by augmented reality and virtual worlds with an eye towards the

But is Constantinou overly
optimistic about the transformative power of augmented reality?

From the Vision Mobile article:

What's interesting is when entire new economies emerge,
new systems for creating value and monetising from that value. I
would argue that in the last few years we have been witnessing the
creation of Augmented Economics, the economy formed by superimposing
value on top of our physical world. But let me take a step back to

Let's take a look at
the market potential of augmented reality services, both tethered to the
webcam and desktop computer model of today as well as some new
innovators hoping to bring augmented technology to new and interesting
areas of traditionally old-technology business.

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