Baumann Festival Merges Real-World Cinema, Virtual Audiences


Second Lifer Glasz DeCuir sent us an interesting set of links via Facebook this morning that shed light on a new real-and-virtual film festival. The Baumann Festival (Spanish-language link) creatively merges independent short films from the Barcelona area with Second Life by creating a virtual screening room for every short film submitted.

The festival, hosted in part by big name Spanish communications giant Terrassa Digital brings together dozens of aspiring filmmakers from across Spain for a showcase of emerging talent and a chance to workshop and network with other filmmakers.

It features experimental film, documentaries, animation, and about a half dozen other fields, and often draws a solid real-world crowd in Barcelona.

But now, it seems, the organizers of Baumann Festival are aiming for a bigger crowd: the world.

By bringing the Baumann Festival into Second Life, its organizers hope to greatly expand the event's networking capabilities. It makes sense. This way, anyone stopping by can view the work of Spain's most creative filmmakers. 

This is the wave of the future. In terms of a cheap way to reach hundreds of thousands in an audience normally beyond the scope of a local festival, virtual worlds are an obvious choice. If the event is successful and word-of-mouth carries about standout films in the festival, Barcelona filmmakers may find themselves receiving calls from as far afield as California and Australia.

Thousands of people who never previously heard of Baumann Festival will get a taste of it this week, as the festival runs through tomorrow, with a grand film festival slated in-world on September 19th.

Pixels and Policy will be there. Will you?

You can visit the Baumann Festival screening green and find out more information about the festival in-world by visiting the following SLUrls: