Virtual Voices: Why Americans Need Online Voting

Pict_20090210PHT48991We’ve talked about how campaigns are changing to accommodate
a virtual presence
in games like Second Life and a real-world campaign

We’ve talked about how government is increasingly involving itself in
virtual worlds as cheap, effective means of spreading information.

But what about the voter? When does the ballot box move online? Pixels and Policy explores the technological problems and hard work needed to bring online voting to America.

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The Iranian Opposition’s Second Life

Our piece on Iran's virtual protests kicked off Pixels and Policy, and in coordination with its syndication on Foreign Policy in Focus and Asia Chronicle, we're reposting it here.

Freeiran On July 22,
a week into Iran’s
foreign media reporting ban, a group of Iranian protesters gathered on a grassy
hill to speak out against Supreme Leader Khamenei’s continued support for
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Iran’s security forces, however,
were absent. In a nation with a frighteningly effective intelligence service,
Supreme Leader Khamenei was entirely unaware of this protest because it took place in Second Life.

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