Second Life Proves Fertile Ground for Nursing Education

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Virtual medical training yields real results.

A few weeks ago we outlined how South Dakota State University was adopting Second Life as a virtual medical training simulator.

Now The Metaverse Journal reports that Second Life is finding a new life as an educational tool for midwifing and child delivery.

From the article:

The birthing unit is so much better than most in existence in the real
world. As a Registered Nurse (but not a midwife), I’ve witnessed half a
dozen births and even from that limited perspective I can totally
appreciate how much better a birthing environment Te Wāhi Whānau
is compared to even the better hospital-based birthing units.

As a
clinical simulation for midwives, I can see its power as a key adjunct
to lab-based learning and practicums.

Read on to find out why Second Life is getting into the business of birthing babies, and why this is good for the quality of medical care nationwide.

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