Do Virtual World Interactions Help Growing Nations?


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Pixels and Policy enjoys
covering the business and policy implications of virtual worlds, but many of
these studies, like Audi's plan to market a car through
virtual worlds
, seem distinctly rich-world pleasures.

Countries like Afghanistan,
Burma, and Pakistan struggle to meet their citizens' daily nutritional needs.
Marketing cars and having a Second Life account comes second to surviving one's
first life

Rita King of Dancing Ink
Productions and Dispatches from the Imagination Age has done some
pioneering work in the study of virtual worlds and developing nations. Her work
on using virtual worlds to understand Islam
should be required reading for budding policymakers in universities

Are developing worlds present
in the virtual world? Can the citizens of repressive regimes like Burma express
themselves in the Metaverse without fear of reprisal? There's one way to find
out — connect with some wired Pakistanis and see what they have to say.

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