Pixels and Policy Editor to Appear on Feb. 28th’s “Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe”

What a way to celebrate six months covering the policy and international business applications of social media and virtual worlds! After two successful stints on Pooky Amsterdam's impressive Second Life-based television shows, we've been invited to appear on another Treet.tv program – Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe!

Treet's description sums up our feelings on Beebe's great show, now in its third year:

is the highest rated virtual TV show, with many thousands of viewers
tuning in every week. It can be seen live on inworld virtual screens,
online at Treet.tv or later on iTunes. Between 50 – 70 avatars in Second Life watch the live taping at the virtual S.L studio at Northpoint every Sunday at 6pm PDT.

Live” informs and showcases the best things in Second Life, locations,
creators, Musicians and issues important to virtual world residents. If
you want to know what is happening in your virtual world? this show is
a MUST see.

Pixels and Policy Editor Max Burns will be spending the episode discussing the current virtual business climate with Paisley, as well as various hot topics on the use of virtual worlds for everything from personal expression to national security. It'll be a great show, and we're absolutely thrilled to be participating.

Mark your calendars, we'll be appearing February 28th, 2010 at 6pm SLT. You can watch live from inside Second Life, or pick up the feed on Treet.tv's website.

Pooky Amsterdam on 5 Reasons to Use Second Life as a Media Platform

Today's guest post is from the Second Life media guru and Treet.tv staple Pooky Amsterdam. In her post, Amsterdam argues for the expanded use of Second Life as a platform for ambitious virtual media operations.

Amsterdam, who needs no introduction, is the host of Second Life's "The 1st Question," a machinima producer, and an advocate of machinima and Second Life as emergent platforms for engaging both business and entertainment.

2nd_Quest-_Pooky_2_b Filming a live broadcast program for the internet where people can log
in from all over the world and participate is riskier than Formula 1
race car driving, so agreed Richard Bartle, the father of the MUD.

is very rewarding, and I am breaking the virtual ceiling with it, as my
show every Tuesday night, The 1st Question attests. It is an
increasingly popular weekly phenomenon.

Giving people rewards for
engagement is a trend likely to continue as you win peoples hearts and
minds when you give them something palpable to play with and of course
watch.I am also on the forefront of real time Multi User Virtual
Environment (MUVE) entertainment, and my company PookyMedia is award
winning for the machinima (Cinema done on machine) we produce.

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Check Us Out on The 1st Question, Live in SL at 7pm (SL Time) and on www.The1stQuestion.com!

The 1st Question v8 300 Pixels and Policy will be joining Pooky Amsterdam and the team over at The 1st Question this evening at 7pm SL Time (Pacific). We hope you'll tune in!

The 1st Question is a fast-paced quiz show featuring some of the most interesting and offbeat personalities in Second Life, broadcast live in-world through Treet.tv.

What makes The 1st Question so unique is its audience participation for prizes and publicity, and we look forward to participating.

You can find The 1st Question in-world at the following SLUrl, or check them out on Treet.tv or www.The1stQuestion.com!

Join the studio audience: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Spindrift/67/245/700/

Second Life Proves Fertile Ground for Nursing Education

SL acute care2

Virtual medical training yields real results.

A few weeks ago we outlined how South Dakota State University was adopting Second Life as a virtual medical training simulator.

Now The Metaverse Journal reports that Second Life is finding a new life as an educational tool for midwifing and child delivery.

From the article:

The birthing unit is so much better than most in existence in the real
world. As a Registered Nurse (but not a midwife), I’ve witnessed half a
dozen births and even from that limited perspective I can totally
appreciate how much better a birthing environment Te Wāhi Whānau
is compared to even the better hospital-based birthing units.

As a
clinical simulation for midwives, I can see its power as a key adjunct
to lab-based learning and practicums.

Read on to find out why Second Life is getting into the business of birthing babies, and why this is good for the quality of medical care nationwide.

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