Dancing Ink Productions and the Evolution of Creative Commerce


Rita J. King of Dancing Ink Productions

Second Life is an environment of unusual creativity and self
expression. But the ability for limitless content creation alone is
not the reason for the boom in Second Life’s creative class.

A trip to 
Dancing Ink Productions' "The Imagination Age" island revealed that, for many Second Life residents, the
true beauty of art comes when it merges with purpose in engaging and
often unexpected ways.

Pixels and Policy looks at the skillful
blending of work and art at The Imagination Age, and opted to explore
the trend further.

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Rita King’s “Digital Diplomacy” Wins Gov 2.0’s Top Presentation Award

Congratulations to Rita King and DIP's Dispatches from the Imagination Age for a resounding victory at the inaugural Gov 2.0 Expo here in Pixels and Policy's home base of Washington, D.C.!

The erudite Ms. King won "Top Presentation" in Gov 2.0's "Government as Peacekeeper" segment for her excellent research on the role of the digital world in fostering understanding of Islam. Rita's research was featured on Joshua Fouts's booming Dispatches, which also featured one of the first public mentions of Pixels and Policy.

We urge everyone to check out Rita's work over at Dancing Ink Productions, you'll certainly be glad you did.

Also, expect a full write up of our experience at the Gov 2.0 Conference soon.