Video: Your Thoughts On Our Appearance on Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe

Pixels and Policy would like to thank Paisley Beebe and everyone involved in the production of Tonight Live for the great interview we had on Sunday, February 28th. Paisley asked some great questions about the evolution of virtual currency and its importance to the real-world economy, and we even got a chance to give due credit to the virtual currency work of Jon Matonis over at The Monetary Future.

Below you'll find the recording of the show, courtesy of Would love to hear your thoughts, and we'll be putting up some further analysis a little later in the week! Thanks to everyone who came out to see us and for all the great commentary we've received via e-mail and Twitter!

Virtual World Growth is Slowing Down. That’s Not a Bad Thing.

Gold Like most creations in the fast-growing tech industry, virtual worlds have enjoyed stellar growth and profitability figures over the past few years. Some virtual economies have even doubled in size year-over-year, feeding hype that virtual technology may soon replace many aspects of our lives.

But as one magazine reports, profitability is slowing and growth figures are relaxing. Should this lead to disillusionment about virtual worlds?

Of course not – as Pixels and Policy reports, virtual worlds are just moving into the next phase of a successful transformation from techie novelty to everyday reality.

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Is 2010 a Breakout Year for Virtual Economies?

A2(1) Thanks to enterprising social media developers, virtual economics hit the stratosphere in the second half of 2009. Companies like Zynga turned low-overhead, pay-for-premiums games like Farmville and Mafia Wars into a profit stream stretching into nine figures.

Can this fantastic growth in the value of virtual objects and virtual economies continue into 2010, or could developers be headed for their own virtual financial crisis?

Pixels and Policy does a little digging and takes a look at a recent Forbes interview with Slide CEO Max Levchin to assess the growth potential of the virtual economy in 2010.

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